The retreat is just around the corner and we are excited to share with you about a turn of events and a little something different that we are planning for the retreat this year.

We have found out that our speaker, Michael Kelly, has had to cancel his plans to be at our retreat because of something unexpected that came up. Finding a replacement speaker with an open schedule as close to the retreat as it is has been a challenge, but all of the closed doors have led us to an open door that we are quite excited about!

This year instead of bringing in a speaker from out of town to give all of the messages throughout the weekend, we will be bringing in five speakers from our local area churches who are themselves in our 20s-40s age group. Each of them will be giving one of the messages during the weekend. Our theme this year, Digging Deeper into Authentic Faith, has lent itself well to this new design of building in several speakers in the place of one. We are looking forward to a weekend of being very real—authentic—with each other in having conversations and hearing from each of our speakers of the challenges and encouragement they have found in their own faith journey, and together digging into the Bible to find valuable gems for our lives as we each seek to live out our faith. You can find each of our new speakers below.



Caleb Foss

Friday Evening Speaker

Caleb is the Collegiate/Young Adult and Family Life pastor at Summit Northwest Ministries and also works as a Physical Therapist. He is passionate about introducing people to God’s grace and seeing them experience that life-changing freedom. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys skiing, surfing, wake boarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, and playing his guitar & singing. He and his wife, Calista, have two children.


Erik Kelly

Sabbath Morning Speaker

Erik is a Nurse Practitioner at Family Medical Care Clinic in Hayden, ID. He is also the Assistant Community Health Coordinator for the Northview Church in Mead, WA. Free time finds Erik getting outdoors, hiking, camping, traveling to new places, reading, cooking, and learning new ways to help others with their health. The thing that really drives him in ministry is seeing the light bulb come on in people’s minds when they realize that Jesus can be so much to them and that all that He offers can come to life for them. 


Tye Davis

Sabbath Afternoon Speaker

Tye is the Youth & Family Life Pastor at the Coeur d’Alene SDA church. Tye's favorite part about ministry is the people. He loves spending time with people, coming along side them, crying with them in the rough times and laughing with them in the fun times. Fun for Tye means flying his airplane, riding motorcycles, and traveling near and far. Tye and his wife Cambria just welcomed their first child, Kailani, into their family in March.


Michael Smith

Sabbath Evening Speaker 

Michael is the Associate Pastor at the Spokane Valley SDA church. He is married to Moriah and they have a cute Welsh Corgi dog named Gus. Michael also enjoys raising llamas, hiking, and photography. His passion in ministry is being a part of helping someone else on their journey. We all come from different points and places, but we’re all aiming for the same place—finding a deeper connection with Jesus.



Dayv Lounsbury

Sunday Morning Speaker 

Dayv is the Senior Pastor at the Spokane Central SDA church. He and his wife, Gena, have three children and Dayv enjoys going on family camping trips and being in the outdoors with them. He also likes golfing as well as playing legos with his son. When it comes to ministry, Dayv is always excited to help people discover God’s plan for their lives.