A retreat like Digging Deeper does not happen from chance. Here are some of the people involved...

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The Retreat Planning Leaders:



Anne has never met a stranger and strives to find ways to connect people. If you ever wonder how to get involved, she will plug you in before you can blink twice. Planning something like the Digging Deeper Retreat means somebody has to have their finger on the pulse of everything making sure all the pieces get put together, and that's Anne. When she's not working as a hospital pharmacist, put her in the mountains hiking, mountain biking, or skiing and a smile will be on her face.



Rachel is a Physicians Assistant by trade, and a servant of God above all else.  She and her husband James are preparing to serve God in the mission field soon.  In the mean time she is learning about all that the northwest has to offer, no adventure in God's nature is passed up.  Genuinely caring, she is always on the lookout for ways to touch people for Jesus. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku



Every retreat coordinator needs a dependable side-kick to help shoulder the load and pull all the pieces together, and they don't get more dependable than this girl! Trisha is a pediatric nurse who, during her free time, is always finding a mountain to climb, an exciting place to hike, or a new outdoor adventure to embark on. Music is a vital piece of her spiritual journey, and she loves dedicating her talents to leading others to praise and worship God in song.



The parents of two beautiful daughters, Travis and Tianna bring to the team a mix of adventurous & generous spirits, and a readiness to role up their sleeves. A physical therapist by trade, Travis loves getting outdoors, and his built-in competitive edge makes him a fun teammate in many a sporting activity. He is our behind-the-scenes support guy for the retreat. Tianna, a Certified Public Accountant, keeps our retreat finances in order. In her spare time she bakes, crochets, and loves to take off on adventures hiking, camping and cross country skiing. 



Every strong team needs a voice of reason to bring balance and to stir the pot a little, and for our team that’s Matt. He’s a structural engineer by trade and adds his skills to provide technical support for our retreat. In his spare time you’ll find him backpacking, skiing, rock climbing and dragging his friends off on all sorts of adventures. 


Inland northwest natives, Matt and Sara love to get outdoors.  Whether it's sailing their Hobie Cat or heading to the mountains, count them in for an adventure. Sara's infectious energy and love for kids is currently being channeled into full time mom duty with their new baby. Matt is working as an accountant en route to becoming a CPA, and in his spare time you’ll find him building things and dreaming about more things to build. Technical equipment and children’s program for this retreat are in good hands with this fun loving duo who are passionate about enjoying life at its fullest and being a part of building God's kingdom on earth. 


Sometimes hours sitting in front of a computer trying to figure out how to make something work pays off. Rilla loves being able to share information through media to help connect people. And every retreat needs a powerhouse of energy and skills to make all the pieces come together on set-up day. For Digging Deeper, that’s Rod. Both trained physicians, Rilla works as a local Family Practice doctor and Rod is hard at work caring for the newest addition to their family. In their spare time they enjoy getting outdoors and exploring every nook and cranny of the Northwest and the world. Whether there's winter snow or summer, these two and their little munchkins are always up for a good time in God's nature.


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A true inland northwest girl, Stephanie loves being outdoors, wether its on her own two feet or riding a beautiful horse. She maximizes the cold winter months with fun DIY projects or by traveling far and wide to visit her wide network of friends. Her day job keeps her busy too as she works as HR director at the Upper Columbia Conference of SDA. For our retreats Stephanie creates the finishing touches that make things look beautiful." 


Liz Hoskin- Registration Coordinator

If you ever need someone to go with you on your next adventure, Liz is your girl.  Her calendar might seem full with her two jobs, going to school for nursing, and several leadership positions in ministry, but she is never too busy to make a new friend or spend time with an old one. Always fun to have around, she is making sure our registration process flows smoothly.   



Sarah Hess- Scholarship Coordinator

A native of Alaska, Sarah always has adventure on her calendar. Whether it's hockey, soccer, skiing or something she's never tried before, she is first in line to go for it. She is a caring soul, who has never said no to someone in need. She is an Internal Medicine and Pediatrics doctor here in Spokane, and uses her work to reach people for Jesus.  All of these traits set her up perfectly to help us make sure that everyone that needs to be at Digging Deeper finds a way financially to be there. 


And of course we wouldn't be able to do it without her sponsors.

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